I’m feeling pretty proud of myself tonight, yup, pretty proud.

I have been planning on setting up a walking or bike desk so that I can get some exercise while I write code. I spend about 12 hours a day sitting down, I sit all day at work and then I sit when I come home. One option would be to be more active after work, but I am working on some projects that involve writing code and I’m not willing to give that up.

So, I have heard about other folks using walking desks. In fact, last week after I determined that I was going to do this, I found this Good Morning America video on weight loss that involves walking desks.

I remembered that I had some family that had an old treadmill that they weren’t using, Check. Here’s a picture of the treadmill:

You can see that unlike some treadmills, there really isn’t a natural place to set up a flat surface for the laptop. So I needed to combine this treadmill with a desk. I went to Ikea tonight and found this:

The guy at Ikea told me that I could set up the different shelves any way I needed so I thought that I would use the largest one up high for my laptop / monitor.

When I got home I started putting the desk together and I realized that I need the arms to go. They just made it so the desktop had to be up at it’s max height which wasn’t going to be very comfortable. So I started taking things apart, and once I got going, I didn’t stop.

I was able to pull out the whole stem for the arms and the control panel. See the results:

So, yeah, I took apart my treadmill and built a desk around it. Awesome. I am awesome. I bet my wife doesn’t feel the same way I do about having a treadmill desk in the family room. Oh well.

Could this be any more awesome??? Yes.

So, as I was undoing the wiring for the control panel, I had a brilliant idea. I should make an arduino replacement for the control panel. That way I can have a computer that feeds the speed into the treadmill, turns it on and off, records how fast I am walking and for how long, tweets the same, and can be used to track my progress as I walk each day. I saw another guy tracked how long it took him to walk the equivalent of across the United States. Interesting.

It would also allow you to do some interesting things with games, you could create a running game where you jog through famous people’s neighborhoods using data from google street view. Or, you could have the treadmill run you through some kind of chasing/fleeing game where you have to run against a set time, or you could even create a game where you run against yourself, your previous times.

Anyway, feeling pretty good about myself, pretty good, prettay, prettay, prettttttayyyyy, pretty good.