Raombi I discovered Roambi.com this morning. It’s a mobile dashboard tool that just released a iPad version as well (this is how I found it, news about the ipad version). It looks to be a pretty cool service. I downloaded the free version (you can upload excel spreadsheets for free), and I am impressed.

They have about five pre-built dashboard formats that have quite a bit off drill-down and interactive capabilities. You can’t alter these templates much, but what they provide is pretty impressive. The visual design aspects are appealing. If you need a quick way to impress your boss, not a bad option.

If you want to use this in the enterprise they have two pricing options, a hosted $99 a year/per user option, and an enterprise option that you install in house. The enterprise option includes a variety of data sources that it can use as the back-end, including Cognos, Business Objects, and Microsoft Reporting.

If you are a Salesforce customer (which I am not), all of the options will allow you to pull the data from your Salesforce account.

I would like a tool that would allow you to build interactive dashboards, which Roambi is not. But, what Roambi does, it does really well.