I have been seeing lots of ‘Chumby’ projects on Make’s blog lately. After doing some research I have learned what a Chumby is and I want one. A Chumby is basically a touch enabled computer that’s built into an alarm clock form factor. You would use something like this to listen to pandora or you’re favorite podcast as you get ready for work, have recipes or games in your kitchen, or you could have live sports scores next to your TV. Whatever internet content you might want in a small screen.

You can go to the Chumby website and create a virtual Chumby, a small bit of code to place on a blog or whatever that gives the same experience. Here’s my virtual Chumby.

I have sudoku, movie trailers, facebook statuses, chuck norris facts, and my twitter chosen as my content. It moves from one application to the next according to a schedule which you set. There are more than 1500 different chumby applications.