I have been working on making games for an educational mobile game company that I am starting with some friends. I started reading ‘The Art of Game Design’ by Jesse Schnell. One of the points he raises is that games are at their center a human experience and thus a game designer must be familiar with many disciplines in order to design an experience that is deep and meaningful.

This idea has broadened my appreciation for things and as I have considered what I might look to for inspiration I have begun to recognize my own tastes and interests in certain things. I have paid more attention to what fascinates me as I have thought about the varieties of ideas that I could incorporate into an educational gaming experience.

This week I came across a couple of TED videos that talked about fractals, simple rules that repeat themselves to reveal complex and sometimes surprising outcomes, and I was inspired by this sculptor that creates machines out of wire and other objects that he finds. Here are the three TED videos that got me thinking and pumped up my imagination this week.

Benoit Mandelbrot – Fractals

Ron Eglash – Africal Fractals

Arthur Ganson – Happy Machines Scultor

Arthur Ganson also created the MIT Annual Friday After Thanksgiving (F.A.T.) Chain Reaction where students are invited to design and bring a link in a Rube Goldberg Machine, then all the links are assembled and the machine runs. More about that here.