I had an absurd day full of brain damage. I have been assigned a task at work that is kind of dependent on another department’s resources and I have no authority to get what I want. So, I have made some commitments and now I am totally falling down. It makes me look like a schmuck, but there’s not a whole lot I can do about it. Now, the director who I made these promises too is raising the alarm with everyone she can to try and motivate me to do the job. Problem is, I am motivated, I kind of have to wait to get what I need from another dude. Anyway, it’s fun stuff. I came home feeling like a sack of hot garbage.

But then guess what showed up in the mail. All kinds of goodness. First, I bought an iphone with a broken screen and I got the replacement screen in the mail. Also, I wanted to upgrade my xbox 360 hard drive and that also came in the mail.

I spent the night replacing iphone screens and taking apart game consoles, and I am complete. I feel great. What’s the threat of humiliation at work when I have half-open computers to keep me safe and warm. I love it.

Do you want to know how I learned how to do home made upgrades to my xbox and fix iphone screens? ON THE INTERNET! That’s right. Anything you want to know, somebody has created a video showing you how to do it. Brilliant.

I think the iphone is OK, it seems to be working. I had to take it apart twice and so it may be a little abused. The home button seems to need a little extra firm push to get it to go, but it may have been that way when I got it. I don’t know. The xbox now has a 250GB hard drive in it instead of 20GB, for like $45.

Right now I am installing android on iPhone. I wanted an extra phone that had android so I could play around with it. The geniuses on the internet have been working to get the iphone to dual boot both the iphone software and the android software. I think a lot of things still don’t work, but it will give me something to play with for a little while.

I have been curious about the android platform so I wanted a phone to play with it.

Here are the links to show you how to upgrade your xbox HD, replace an iphone screen, and install android on your iphone.

I think I want a makerbot. I’m thinking it might be cool to build 3D puzzles with it.

Makerbot – Gutenberg Press of 3D Printing

Engineer Boy’s 3D Puzzles