Most Advanced Kinect Tech so Far


In this video, the hacker uses head tracking to control the screen, a wiimote on the gun to detect where the gun points, and the kinect to detect body movement. What he gets is the future of FPS games. This kind of in game immersion is where things will go. Check it out.

Hackety-Hack Don’t Talk Back


I had an absurd day full of brain damage. I have been assigned a task at work that is kind of dependent on another department’s resources and I have no authority to get what I want. So, I have made some commitments and now I am totally falling down. It makes me look like a schmuck, but there’s not a whole lot I can do about it. Now, the director who I made these promises too is raising the alarm with everyone she can to try and motivate me to do the job. Problem is, I am motivated, I kind of have to wait to get what I need from another dude. Anyway, it’s fun stuff. I came home feeling like a sack of hot garbage.

But then guess what showed up in the mail. All kinds of goodness. First, I bought an iphone with a broken screen and I got the replacement screen in the mail. Also, I wanted to upgrade my xbox 360 hard drive and that also came in the mail.

I spent the night replacing iphone screens and taking apart game consoles, and I am complete. I feel great. What’s the threat of humiliation at work when I have half-open computers to keep me safe and warm. I love it.

Do you want to know how I learned how to do home made upgrades to my xbox and fix iphone screens? ON THE INTERNET! That’s right. Anything you want to know, somebody has created a video showing you how to do it. Brilliant.

I think the iphone is OK, it seems to be working. I had to take it apart twice and so it may be a little abused. The home button seems to need a little extra firm push to get it to go, but it may have been that way when I got it. I don’t know. The xbox now has a 250GB hard drive in it instead of 20GB, for like $45.

Right now I am installing android on iPhone. I wanted an extra phone that had android so I could play around with it. The geniuses on the internet have been working to get the iphone to dual boot both the iphone software and the android software. I think a lot of things still don’t work, but it will give me something to play with for a little while.

I have been curious about the android platform so I wanted a phone to play with it.

Here are the links to show you how to upgrade your xbox HD, replace an iphone screen, and install android on your iphone.

I think I want a makerbot. I’m thinking it might be cool to build 3D puzzles with it.

Makerbot – Gutenberg Press of 3D Printing

Engineer Boy’s 3D Puzzles

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